What’s Going On In Mayweather’s Mind

Other boxers should take a leaf out of Mayweather’s book. Many people say that he’s arrogant, and I don’t think it’s unfair to say he maybe. But the main thing in anything is that you keep an open mind and keep on learning. He said it best “put em in front of me and i’ll beat em“… enuff said if you ask me.

The sign of a great athlete can’t be denied when we look at Mayweather’s career, so far. People say that he lost the Castillo fight, but its debatable – I personally don’t agree with that assessment, I think he shaded both fights. It’s even a testament to his greatness that he fought Castillo twice.

The sign of greatness is to keep on learning …

In today’s crop of fighters it seems like fighters are all too willing to run away, and avoid the rematch if they win and it’s debatable.

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