Terence Crawford vs Dierry Jean – Crawford Wins TKO!!


Crawford gets a knock down in the first round. You could see the quality the crawford has from the off. Crawford is not rushing Jean, but he’s calculated amd picks up the pace as the fight goes on.

Round 4 sees Crawford piling on the pressure and giving Jean a lot to think about. Jean seems to have no answer. Jean even walks to the wrong corner after round 4 ends and is directed to the right corner by Crawford.

Nice flurry from Crawford in round 6, Jean doesn’t have an answer for him at all.

Crawford gets hit flush 2 times in the 9th round, which wakes him up and makes him go on the offensive, not to good for Jean, some may have given him that round.

Second knock down Crawford is dropped in the 9th, some what at the back of the head, but still a 10 – 8 round.

Fight stopped in round 10 – TKO win to Crawford!!


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