Sugar Ray Leonard vs Terry Norris

Sugar Ray Leonard put up a commendable display against Roberto Duran in their third clash, doing all the right things to win the fight. This puts to rest, who is the better fighter, with a 2 – 1 win ratio in his favour. After that fight, Sugar Ray Leonard entered semi retirement, only to come back and fight Terry Norris, way past his prime. Though Sugar Ray Leonard is tipped to win this fight, this will be a very difficult contest for him, since he lacks the speed and foot movement he once had.

After doing all that he can in his career, Sugar Ray Leonard comes out of semi-retirement to fight Terry Norris.

As soon as the bell rings, there is a lot of posturing, by both fighters. Each opponent tries to fill the other one out, with Sugar Ray Leonard taking the centre of the ring. Sugar Ray most certainly looks like a deficient version of his old self, but maybe that won’t matter, as Terry Norris is seen to be a fairly average opponent.

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