Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marcos Geraldo

Sugar Ray Leonard handled himself very well in his last fight against the left hander Adolfo Viruet. It’s always an awkward one, fighting an unorthodox fighter, so boxers always learn a lot from the experience. Anyway today, he fights the much larger Marcos Geraldo, who may not have the most impressive record, but he does have a lot of experience and wins on his back.

Sugar Ray Leonard gained a lot of experience in his last fight, but now he faces Marcos Geraldo.

As soon as the bell rings, Marcos Geraldo comes in throwing power shots to the head and body of Sugar Ray Leonard. Geraldo looks very confident because he is the much larger and stronger opponent; however, Sugar Ray Leonard is most certainly the faster man, with a good boxing brain. This looks like a very interesting fight, because Sugar Ray will have to figure out how to defeat an opponent that is almost 10lbs larger than him.

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