Sugar Ray Leonard vs Héctor Camacho

Sugar Ray Leonard was thoroughly defeated in his last fight against Terry Norris, showing that he is well past his prime. Leonard lacked his foot movement and hand speed, which he used to great effect in his career to hit without getting hit. With that said, today he will fight Héctor Camacho, who is also no longer in his prime, but is at least 6 years younger, so Sugar Ray will have to do something really special, if he is to win this fight.

Sugar Ray Leonard comes out of retirement again to fight Héctor Camacho.

When the bell rings, this fight starts off fairly balanced with both fighters taking to the centre of the ring. Sugar Ray Leonard looks like a shadow of his former self, unlike in his prime, where he would utilise quick footwork to move in and out of his opponent, in this fight, he looks resigned to just using his hands to hit his opponent before his opponent hits him.

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