Sugar Ray Leonard vs Donny Lalonde

Sugar Ray Leonard wins via split decision against Marvin Hagler. Many people felt it was a controversial victory, but the reality is that most split decision victories are controversial, simply because they’re so close. With that said Sugar Ray Leonard looks to conquer another feat by fighting for the WBC light heavyweight title. This looks like another interesting fight, so Sugar Ray will need to bring his best game, if he hopes to pull this one off.

Sugar Ray Leonard wins the WBC middleweight title and immediately moves up in weight to fight Donny Lalonde for the WBC light heavyweight title.

As soon as the bell rings, Donny Lalonde looks to be the aggressor, the much taller fighter and the more powerful fighter. Sugar Ray Leonard looks markedly smaller than his opponent, but despite the obvious, he looks to utilise quicker feet, to keep him outside of his opponents range at all times.

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