Sugar Ray Leonard vs Bernardo Prada

Sugar Ray Leonard’s last fight went all the distance and ended in a unanimous decision for him. It was a very exciting fight, despite the fact that he was fighting a relative unknown. However today he fights Bernardo Prada, who is also an average fighter. This could be a highly contestable fight or it could be a walk in the park. This all depends on the kind of mentality and shape Ray Leonard brings to the fight.

Sugar Ray Leonard faces Bernardo Prada in his next contest.

This fight has a fairly balanced start to it; with Sugar Ray Leonard establish a safe distance for him to do his work. Bernardo Prada on the other hand looks like he lacks the footwork and punching speed to pose much of a problem for Sugar Ray. But whether this means the fight will be a formality or not depends on the kind of hard Bernardo Prada has.

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