Sugar Ray Leonard vs Ayub Kalule

Sugar Ray Leonard handled Larry Bonds very well, despite the fact that it took him 10 rounds to do it. Sugar Ray Leonard is now looking invincible, after defeating the best opponent of his career and defending his title. Anyway, today he fights undefeated Ayub Kalule for the WBA light middleweight title; this will be a tough fight for Leonard, so he will have to bring his best game to win it.

Sugar Ray Leonard looking strong after his last fight, moves on to Ayub Kalule.

This fight has a really balanced start to it, as Ayub Kalule comes in with a very orthodox and conventional style. Sugar Ray Leonard on the other hand, adopts his usual approach of feeling his opponent out. This fight looks very interesting, as Kalule looks like he has some power behind his punches, so we’ll have to wait and see how it materialises.

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