Sugar Ray Leonard vs Armando Muniz

Although there wasn’t any stoppage in Sugar Ray Leonard’s last fight, it was still pretty exciting to watch. With that said, quite a few of his last couple of fights have gone the distance, so I’d imagine that he’d be feeling like he has something to prove for his next fight against Armando Muniz. Whether his fight will end in a stoppage or not is totally up to Sugar Ray Leonard.

Sugar Ray Leonard moves on to Armando Muniz for his next fight.

When the bell rings, Ray Leonard looks to fight from the outside, while Armando Muniz tries to close the distance be being elusive, deploying a lot of head movement while covering up. This could be quite a fight is Armando Muniz is able to properly execute his game plan. With that said, this is a fight for Sugar Ray Leonard to lose, as he has all the attributes to make this a short night.

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