Should Mayweathers Next Fight Be Pay-Per-View

Do you believe that people should be paying for Mayweather vs Berto? Personally I think this fight should be free. Berto has lost 2 of his last fights and now he’s fighting the best fighter in the world (supposedly). This fight really is a slap in the face to all the people that have supported Floyd.

Floyd calls himself TBE, i.e. “The Best Ever”, but is that really true. Many of the greats went out on their shield. There are plenty of boxers that Floyd should be fighting. Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Amir Khan. This fight is certainly not something that anyone thought that Mayweather would really carry out when he called it after he beat Manny Pacquiao, which was a much anticipated fight.

Anyway guys you be the judge should we pay for this fight or not?

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