Free Standing Punching Bag – History And Top Picks

If you are new to boxing training or any form of combat training then you will soon find out that one of the most popular pieces of training equipments is the free standing punching bag.

There are various types of punch bag such as the hanging punch bag and the punch bag stand.

You can see what a punch bags look like from the images below:

As you can see these bags are long cylindrical objects filled with material which is hard enough to absorb the impact from a person hitting it. Standing punch bags are usually inflatable.

Short History of The Punch bag and it’s Purpose

The punch bag (also known as the heavy bag, depending on its weight – and often inflatable if free standing) is a piece of training equipment that has been used in martial arts for a long time.

Its main function is as a striking tool used to improve and strengthen the person hitting it. In boxing a punch bags is hit while wearing boxing gloves and mitts are used in other combat sports.

In other sports such as martial arts and kick boxing the legs can also be used to strike the punch bag.

There are a range of different punch bags that you can choose from – we have selected 5 of the top choices below:

Authentic RDX 13 Piece Pro Boxing Set 4ft/5ft Punch Bag,Gloves,Bracket,Chains MMA Punching UFC

RDX-13-Piece-Pro-Boxing-Set-5FTRDX’s 4 ft/ 5 ft punching bag is built with leather technology and made to withstand even the toughest of boxing gyms.

You get whole range of accessories to help you practice your technique. Whether you need to increase stamina, technique or strength the RDX punch bav has you covered.

The 5ft versionĀ  is 25-28kg and the 4ft version 22-24kg. The bag is double stitched to make it ultra durable and is filled with textiles – that give great shock absorption, which protects wrists and hands at the same time returning to its original shape after impact.

Other features include heavy welded D rings, waterproof – so it can be used outside and the ability to add more textile to make the bag more denser.

Everlast Power Tower Inflatable Punch Bag

This inflatable punching bag from a reputable name in boxing i.e. Everlast has a water weighted base (that can be filled with tap water) stand to keep the bag from moving.

The height of the bag is approx 5 feet 2 inches – which makes it ideal for taller boxes too.

The bag comes with a foot pump and is easy to inflate. It is also constructed from a rugged PVC for a long lasting use.

This bag is good for all the family to use and rocks back and forth when hit to help perfect coordination and burn unneccessary calories.

Everlast Cardio Strike Free Standing Punch Bag / Boxing Bag

Everlast Cardio Strike Free Standing Punch BagAnother free standing punch bag from ever last – which is aimed at beginner boxers and fitness enthusiasts who want to become more agile and gain more endurance through boxing.

This cardio strike everlast punching bag gives the user a fun rebound strike surface experience to aid in a full body work out.

The bag has a plastic base that is filled with water weighing 70 pounds to keep it in place. The punch bag its self is made from a sturdy synthetic polycanvas cover over an inflatable air bladder.

The bag is designed to be pummeled in any direction you like – possibly due to the durable spring neck and EverFlex flexible collar system which absorbs a lot of the impact helping to prevent base movement.

The bag can also be adjusted to a further 63 inches in height to accommodate users of various heights.

4ft Filled Punch Bag,Wall Bracket,Bag Gloves,Hand Wraps,Skipping Rope

RDX-13-Piece-Pro-Boxing-Set-5FTThis 4ft punch bag is filled with cloth pieces which makes it soft but also heavy. The Rex leather that is used gives the person hitting the bag a feel similar to hitting an opponent.

The punch bag also comes with mitts that are made of quality Rex leather. The bag is ideal for professional and practice training.

This bag comes complete with steel wall brackets which are able to hold a heavy bag up-to 100kg. The bag is hung on a swivel chain which also aids in absorbing punches when hit.

Turner MAX Genuine Cowhide Leather Boxing Punch Bag Heavy FILLED with Free Chain and Bag Gloves Kickboxing punching bag Black

TurnerMAX Leather Boxing Punch BagThis punch bag is made from Genuine Cowhide leather and is ideal for ordinary people who are interested in a varied way to keep fit.

This bag is also primarily for the serious trainer and boxer. It’s made from the finest leather and has a top zip which can be used to add more textile if needed.

You can expect long lasting quality from this heavy bag with its reinforced double stitching and D shackles at the top of the bag.

You can start immediately after the bag has been installed because it comes with complimentary mitts.

This range of punchbags are some of the most popular punching bags for sale. Once you get a bag there are a range of punching bag workouts that you can do. You canĀ  find more by visiting Amazon here.

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