Naseem Hamed vs Marco Antonio Barrera

With a boxing record of 53 – 1 (at the time of the fight), Marco Antonio Barrera is the best fighter Naseem Hamed as ever faced. A champion in multiple weight divisions, with an impressive boxing record, Naseem Hamed will have to be on his best game, if he is to come out on top.

This fight starts off very balanced, with both fighters giving as much as they get. However, from the onset, Naseem Hamed quickly realises that his usual antics won’t work against Marco Antonio Barrera, this makes Naseem more apprehensive, resulting in him throwing less power punches than usual. Marco Antonio Barrera on the other hand, is forever working Naseem out, developing counter measures for whatever is thrown at him. This is a very good fight…

Naseem Hamed takes on Marco Antonio Barrera in the biggest fight of his career.

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