Naseem Hamed vs Manuel Calvo

Naseem Hamed does battle with Manuel Calvo, who is a fairly decent opponent having won and fought for a number of titles in the featherweight division. Naseem Hamed on the other hand is looking a little deflated, after his defeat to Marco Antonio Barrera.

The moment the bell rings, one thing is certain is that the air of invincibility and the overconfidence that has become synonymous with Naseem is long and truly gone. Naseem Hamed has been deflated, though he does make a good account of himself in the early stages of the fight. Manuel Calvo however, is happy to stay back and counter. A tactic I’m sure he picked up from watching Naseem Hamed’s previous fight…

Naseem Hamed steps up against Manuel Calvo in the final fight of his career.

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