Naseem Hamed vs Laureano Ramirez

Naseem Hamed steps into the ring on a high, after winning the vacant international title. His next opponent Laureano Ramirez is a pretty nifty customer, as he possesses a number of attributes that were not present in all of Naseem’s previous opponents. So this made for a very interesting fight.

The fight starts off pretty slow, as Naseem Hamed feels his opponent out. He’s not throwing any wide punches, as he is, for the first time, conscious of what might come back at him. This is one of Naseem Hamed’s more cerebral fights, as there isn’t very much landed, despite the competition not lasting too long. It’s a pretty decent fight, that’s well worth the watch…

Naseem Hamed the new WBC International super bantamweight champion steps into the ring for his first title defence.

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