Naseem Hamed vs Juan Gerardo Cabrera

Naseem Hamed steps into the ring against Juan Gerardo Cabrera, with great expectations. Confidence is high, but Juan Gerardo Cabrera is definitely looking to upset the odds. I always have my reservations about champions fighting journey men.

As soon as the bell is rung, Naseem Hamed immediately looks to take Juan Gerardo Cabrera out, as he comes in with thunderous hooks and straights to Juan’s face and body. To be totally honest, it does look like it’s going to be an early night for Juan Gerardo Cabrera. However, despite all the adversity, Juan Gerardo Cabrera is able to muster up some kind of an attack, which keeps things trotting along…

Is this another formality for Naseem Hamed, the WBO/IBF Featherweight Champion?

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