Naseem Hamed vs Jose Badillo

Naseem Hamed fights Jose Badillo this time, a 20 – 1 fighter who had only lost to Tom Johnson, an opponent that Naseem Hamed defeated in 8 rounds. So this definitely made for an interesting contest, although most people would have favoured Naseem Hamed for the bout.

Jose Badillo looks fairly sloppy in the early stages of the fight. Naseem Hamed on the other hand, looks very relaxed, as he hits Jose at will. There’s a lot of early showboating, but not so much action, indicating that Naseem was definitely cognizant of what Jose Badillo had to offer. The fight quickly starts to slow down and become more tactically, making it a well balanced and intriguing fight…

Naseem Hamed fights a more credible opponent in Jose Badillo.

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