Naseem Hamed vs Daniel Alicea

Naseem Hamed is looking for his second title defence, feeling really pumped up after defeating Said Lawal in such emphatic fashion. Daniel Alicea looks like a cool customer, despite being a relative unknown. So I guess you can say from the onset, this looks like a formality.

The fight starts off very quickly; Daniel Alicea makes a good account of himself, despite his technical deficiencies. Naseem looks as cool as ever throwing cheeky punches from awkward angles. Naseem Hamed has his hands down for a significant portion of the fight, which speaks volumes on the level of his opponent. However Daniel Alicea does succeed in landing some telling blows, so it’s not quite the formality we were all expecting…

Naseem Hamed battles Daniel Alicea for his second WBO Featherweight title defence.

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