Naseem Hamed vs Augie Sanchez

Naseem Hamed steps up to fight Augie Sanchez, an individual that is known for having a questionable chin, so this does look like another formality. Augie Sanchez does have some quality however, having defeated Floyd Mayweather in one of three Olympic trial bouts. Augie is also known for being heavy handed, so this fight could go either way.

This fight starts off fairly balanced, with Augie Sanchez showing a good account of him-self. Augie Sanchez doesn’t throw many jabs, instead choosing to rely on his straight punch, so that he can establish some distance between himself and Naseem. Naseem on the other hand, looks comfortable, as he’s able to soak up much of Augie’s attack by using lateral movement.

Naseem Hamed steps into the ring against questionable Augie Sanchez.

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