Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman – The Rumble In The Jungle (Full Fight)

The classic Foreman vs Ali 1974, before my time, but I’m glad I’ve now seen it…

When I watched this one, I can definitely understand why Ali was called the greatest of all time. This is an all action bout in the one of the best boxing weight classes easy!, so don’t blink.

A real fight from the first bell, all round action, from two top class boxers. Muhammad Ali, not at the peak of his career. George foreman at the height of his career.

The strange thing about this fight is that it looks like Foreman is getting the better of Ali, but when you look closely a lot of the Foreman’s punches are not landing clean, also Ali holds a lot in this one

…But I guess that down to his age, had to use all the tricks available to him lol!

Ali pulls out all the stops, whispering in the younger Foreman’s ear, the menacing stares and the accurate punching.

Round 5 was a collectors item, he played like he was out, then BOOM! he came back with a great flurry….

Check this out your self guys…

A Great Fight! George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali What More Can You Ask For?

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