Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas

Mike Tyson went the full distance in his fight against James Smith for the WBA heavyweight title. He put up a good showing in that fight, showing that he can handle the big heavyweights, and also that he has real boxing skills, which many people don’t give him much credible for. Today he fights Pinklon Thomas who has an impressive record, only having lost once to Trevor Berbick.

Mike Tyson now a two heavyweight title holder steps up against Pinklon Thomas.

This fight starts off very quick for Mike Tyson, as he goes in for the usual knockout blow. Pinklon Thomas however, is able to hold his own by clinching and trying to establish his jab. This looks like it could be a very difficult night for Thomas, as Mike Tyson appears to have little difficulty getting under his shots. This is definitely an interesting fight, one well worth the watch.

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