Mike Tyson vs Peter McNeeley

Much of Mike Tyson’s best years have been wasted away, much like Muhammad Ali, as he has spent the past 3 years in prison, which is very unfortunate, given the circumstances that led up to his incarceration. Anyway, today he fights little known Peter McNeely, however, Mike hasn’t fought for many years, so anything is possible at this time.

After several years in prison, Mike Tyson for his first fights back steps up against Peter McNeeley.

This fight starts off very quickly, but not for Mike Tyson, ironically Peter McNeeley charges Mike, which is something none has witnessed in all of his fights to date. Anyway, punches are thrown and Mike still looks like he has it, he looks a little stiffer, and not as loose as he once was, but I’m sure that fluidity has been replaced with more power.

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