Mike Tyson vs Orlin Norris

Mike Tyson looked good in his previous fight against Francois Botha. It took him five rounds to win that match, with Botha trying everything within his power to win that contest. Today he does battle with a fairly decent opponent in Orlin Norris. I guess Norris has a chance in this fight, but many people expect that Mike Tyson will win this fight.

Mike Tyson steps up against a decent opponent in Orlin Norris.

As soon as the bell rings, Mike Tyson comes in very confidently and starts to deliver punches. He looks very confident in this contest; however Orlin on the other hand looks fairly nervous, unsure of himself. We will have to wait and see what this contest will materialise into. I’m thinking Mike will grow from strength to strength. Anyway, a good contest, which is well worth a watch.

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