Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazier

Lorenzo Boyd did well to get to the second round, despite losing by KO. On the other hand, Mike Tyson looked very impressive, his hands were quick, his punches were crisp, and he utilised his lateral movement, very effectively. Anyway, tonight he steps up against Marvis Frazier, who is the son of Joe Frazier, though Marvis is by no means as good as his father.

The impressive looking Mike Tyson will fight Marvis Frazier next.

As soon as the bell rings, both fighters go at each other, throwing punches, bobbing and weaving, this looks like it could end by one fighting knocking out the other. Mike Tyson begins to measure his punches using his jab, while Marvis Frazier looks to establish some distance, so that he can work under that peek-a-boo style, he adopted from his father. A cracking fight, I recommend all to see.

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