Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis

Mike Tyson is visibly older and much slower than he was in the past, so expectation can’t be too high. Mike also has many financial problems; so many people look at this fight as simply a pay day for him, so that he can cover all his expenses. With that said, we can expect Lennox Lewis to come out strong as he hasn’t lost much of his swing over the years.

Mike Tyson steps up against Lennox Lewis in the biggest fight of his career.

This fight starts off fairly balanced, Lennox Lewis does a great job in keeping Mike Tyson back, preventing him from rushing into him and delivering his trademark punches to the head and body. This looks like a very tactical fight, Mike Tyson will have to faint his way in, if wants to win this fight and Lennox will have to keep this fight outside, so he can dominate.

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