Mike Tyson vs José Ribalta

Mike Tyson looked exciting and electric in his last bout against Marvis Frazier, with many people believing that it would be a closely contested fight. Today he steps up against José Ribalta who appears to be very confident that he can spring the upset. But whether or not he’ll do it depends greatly on whether Mike Tyson brings his best game to the fight.

Mike Tyson after a high spirited performance against Frazier steps up against José Ribalta.

When the bell rings, Mike Tyson immediately goes up to José Ribalta and starts throwing those knockout punches. José Ribalta reacts, but quickly settles himself, as I’m sure he doesn’t want this to be an early night for himself. José Ribalta in the early stages does a good job in holding his own, by using lateral movement and absorbing Mike Tyson’s punches.

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