Mike Tyson vs Francois Botha

Mike Tyson’s last fight was someone no one has ever seen before, the bite to the ear was the result of frustration and repeated head butts which the referee didn’t appear to see or show much concern for. Anyway, today he fights a sturdy opponent in Francois Botha, so let’s see how this one pans out.

After everything in his last fight with Evander, Mike Tyson puts his boxing gloves back on to fight Francois Botha.

This fight starts off very calm, with both fighters looking to establish the jab. Something we didn’t see in Mike Tyson’s previous fight. Botha looks like he wants to fight from the back, and pick Tyson off, a tactic we’ve seen all too many fighters attempt; anyway, an interesting fight, one well worth watching for all fight fans.

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