Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II

The first fight was very competitive, but was sadly dampened by Evander Holyfield’s repeated head butts, which the referee didn’t appear to take much notice of. In this next fight, I imagine Mike Tyson will be looking to attack early and get Evander out there as quickly as possible. After the controversy from the first, Mike will not want another drawn out contest.

After the controversial victory for Evander Holyfield, both fighters meet again in a rematch.

This fight starts off fairly balanced, it’s obvious that Evander Holyfield has grown in confidence after the first win. However this is a new day, and I’m sure Mike will be bringing new tactics to the table, so the pressure will be on Evander to cope with it. Anyway, this is an excellent fight, one that I think all should tune into.

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