Mike Tyson vs Donovan Ruddock II

Mike Tyson defeated Donovan Ruddock in what was easily one of his most exciting contests. Mike Tyson hit Donovan Ruddock with an assortment of punches to virtually every part of his body, but Donovan Ruddock didn’t go down without fighting, as he also landed a good amount of punches of his own. Today they do battle in a rematch, that many feel Mike will win.

Mike Tyson fights Donovan Ruddock again in a rematch after the first controversial victory.

Unlike in the first competition, this one starts off a little more tactical. I’m sure, after the first beating Donovan suffered; he doesn’t want a repeat of the same thing. So I expect a more tactical fight, with less power punches and more jabs and lateral movement; still worth a watch nonetheless.

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