Mike Tyson vs Donovan Ruddock I

Mike Tyson made quick work of Alex Stewart in a fight that many people felt he would win. Mike Tyson is looking like he’s back to his best, defeating opponents, credible opponents in such emphatic fashion. Today he fights Donovan Ruddock, who is a very strong and durable opponent, one that could very well give Mike some problems.

Mike Tyson steps up against a credible opponent in Donovan Ruddock.

As soon as the bell rings, Mike Tyson looks to close the distance and overwhelm Ruddock; however Donovan looks very competent in his own right, as he throws hooks and uppercuts to keep Mike Tyson off him. This looks like a very exciting fight, as both fights look like they can hold their own, in a fight of raw brute force, speed and agility.

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