Mike Tyson vs Buster Mathis, Jr.


Mike looked strong, solid and elusive in his last fight, though, McNeely didn’t put up much of a fight; much of it was bravado and gung ho punching. Mike will be fighting a highly competent opponent in Buster Mathis, Jr. so he’ll need to bring his A game, if he hopes to win this one, and who knows, maybe he’ll be in contention to fighting for the title again.

Mike Tyson fights Buster Mathis, Jr. after impressing in his last fight.

This fight has a very untidy start to it, with Buster looking to smoother and punch Mike Tyson. Whether or not this will prove to be an effective strategy will depend on whether Mike will be able to create the necessary distance to get off those power shots he loves. Anyway, this is definitely worth a watch.

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