Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota

Mike Tyson fought well in his last bought, dispatching his opponent in the first round, which is something we haven’t seen him do for quite some time. Today he fights Golota is a very credible opponent. He’s big, strong, and durable with the boxing skills to carry at least one of the heavyweight belts. So this will be quite a contest for Mike Tyson, he will need to bring his best game if he wants to win this one.

Mike Tyson steps up against an excellent opponent in Andrew Golota.

Mike Tyson looking visibly older and slower comes in with his usual bob and weaves with various punches to the body and face of Golota. He’s trying to bring back the clock, while Golota is trying to figure out how to contain Mike. This looks like it might be quite the competition, however, that will all depend on how well Andrew can contain Mike.

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