Lucas Matthysse vs. Mike Dallas Jr – Another Knockout!

This was a short fight. Dallas comes out all guns blazing. It looked like this was going to be a good step up for Dallas….

This fight just shows how hard Lucas Matthysse can actually hit and his accuracy. Fortunately Dallas was good after the knock down.

Lucas will be fighting Danny Garcia on 14 september 2013, what do you think is going to happen?

Lucas was beat by Zab Judah, Danny beat Zab (all be it an older Zab). I don’t really think that, that will make much difference. “Styles make fights” as they say. I think the two styles here are going to be intriguing…

This fight is as big as the Mayweather v Canelo fight in terms of intrigue

Matthysse vs. Dallas, Jr. Lucas Matthysse some ones lights got turned off quite literally!

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