Lennox Lewis vs Tony Tucker

Lennox Lewis made short work of Donovan Ruddock, winning the Commonwealth heavyweight title in the process and also making him the number one contender for the WBC heavyweight title. Lennox Lewis will now fight Tony Tucker in what is to be the biggest fight in his entire career. Lennox has been looking great, so the expectations are there, however, Tony Tucker is a world champion, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he won the fight.

When the fight starts, Lennox Lewis looks just as confident as ever, he immediately takes the centre of the ring and starts to assert his dominance over his opponent. However, unlike in previous fights, Tony Tucker is a very competent boxer and thus able to hold his corner, evading Lennox’s attacks while looking for openings of his own.

Lennox Lewis steps into the ring against Tony Tucker for his first world heavyweight championship.

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