Lennox Lewis vs Phil Jackson

Although Lennox Lewis won his last fight against Frank Bruno, it wasn’t an awfully convincing bout. In fact he was likely losing on the scorecards until he landed that big hook to Bruno’s face. So I’m sure following the outcome of the fight, doubts have crept into the mind of Lennox. That feeling of invincibility has surely been rattled. Phil Jackson on the other hand is a decent heavyweight boxer, having only last one fight to Donavan Ruddock, an opponent Lennox Lewis made short work of, I might add.

As soon as the fight starts, Lennox Lewis immediately starts off by leading with that jab. Something he didn’t do so well in his previous fight. However, today he looks really amped up, Phil Jackson on the other hand looks extra cautious, as he looks for a way in. The apparent reach advantage appears to be an obstacle that Phil Jackson must first overcome if he is to make any real charge in this fight.

Lennox Lewis will fights a decent opponent in Phil Jackson.

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