Lennox Lewis vs Levi Billups

Lennox Lewis had a good showing in his last fight against Tyrell Biggs, so I’m sure he was full of confidence going into this fight. Levi Billups is a little known former linebacker turned boxer, who’s probably thinking he has a real chance, having beaten a credible opponent in his last fight.

A few seconds after the bell rings, Lennox Lewis goes in for the kill, just as he’s done in his last couple of fights. Levi Billups however, does appear to be a little more durable than Lennox’s previous opponents; this is a fight that doesn’t look it will last very long, because of the amount of punishment Levi Billup is being made to absorb, but let’s see how this evolves… onlineshop2you.com babytrends.com.ua

Lennox Lewis will fight little known Levi Billups for his 19th bout.

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