Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman II

Lennox Lewis was involved in a shock defeat against Hasim Rahman, in his last fight. All it took was one punch, which again, raises questions about Lennox’s chin. Ultimately, it depends on the ability of Lennox’s opponents to be able to hit his chin, so credit must be given to Hasim Rahman for managing to do something that only one other man has done, prior to this defeat.

The start to this fight is very similar to their previous bout. Both fighters feeling each other out, with Lennox Lewis looking like the more anxious man, this is most probably due to his eagerness to reclaim his belts. Hasim Rahman on the other hand, looks more confident, because, at least for now, he is the heavyweight champion of the world.

It’s Lennox Lewis in his rematch bout against Hasim Rahman.

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