James DeGale vs Sébastien Demers

James DeGale has fought a number of opponents since his defeat, beating all of them in good fashion and also learning as a boxer, which is very important. He’s without a doubt a much better fighter today, more composed, smarter and skilled. Anyway, today he is fight Sébastien Demers in a fight he hopes to learn a great deal from.

James DeGale has been on a good run winning the WBC Silver super middleweight title as he steps up against Sébastien Demers.

This fight starts off fairly casually, although in the early stages of the fight, James DeGale makes a good account of himself, showcasing his superior footwork and hand speed. Sébastien Demers definitely has his work cut out for himself, if he hopes to defeat DeGale. He will need to pull out all the stops to confuse and opening up James.

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