James DeGale vs Paul Smith

James DeGale fought really well in his last fight against Carl Dilks to defend his titles and also to pave the way for his super middleweight title fight against Paul Smith. This is a huge step up for him, in terms of quality of opponent, so he will need to fight considerably better in his next fight than he has in all of his previous fights, whether he has the ability to do that, we’ll have to wait and see.

James DeGale fights Paul Smith for the British super middleweight title.

This fight starts off very quickly, as both opponents look anxious to hurt one another. This fight has a very balanced start to it as both fighters look just as competent as the other; it’s very difficult to work out which fighter is the dominant one. This looks like a very difficult one for James, one he will have to rise to the occasion, in order to win.

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