James DeGale vs Cristian Sanavia

James DeGale did well to overcome Piotr, a fight that definitely done good for his confidence, after coming off that loss. Hopefully he can learn from this victory and go on to do good things. Anyway today he will be defending that title, against a Cristian Sanavia. Like always, DeGale will need to be at his best if he wants to win this fight.

James DeGale wins the EBU super middleweight title and fights Cristian Sanavia for his first title defence.

This fight starts off very well for James DeGale as he’s able to use his obvious size advantage to hit his opponent without getting hit in the process. Cristian Sanavia is the much smaller and shorter guy, so he will need to use a combination of things to close of the distance so that he can get in and deliver blows of his own. Anyway, all the cards appear to be on James DeGales side, so let’s see how this on ends.

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