James DeGale vs Ciaran Healy

James DeGale looked very impressive in his last fight, but we shouldn’t get carried away, since it was only his second fight, and he did look a little reckless in there, almost abandoning defence completely at times. So there is still much for him to work on. Anyway, today he is fighting another journeyman in Ciaran Healy, so let’s see what this opponent can do; hopefully this fight will be just as exciting as his last.

The impressive looking James DeGale fights Ciaran Healy, for his third pro fight.

This fight starts off very quickly for James DeGale also, although he does look a little more cautious in this fight and his opponent looks a little more competent, especially in the area of defence. James will have to use a much wider array of skills if he hopes to dispatch this opponent in the same fashion as his last.

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