James DeGale vs Brandon Gonzáles

James DeGale fought very well in his last fight against Gevorg Khatchikian, showing that he has matured greatly as a fighter, being a more seasoned and well rounded contender. Brandon Gonzáles is talented undefeated fighter, in a similar place in his career as James. So this will be an evenly contested fight. James will need to bring his best game to the fight, and there is still no guarantee he will win it.

James DeGale does battle with Brandon Gonzáles on his road to his next title fight.

This fight starts off very quickly for James DeGale as he comes in and immediately begins to throw powerful shots, even managing to hurt Brandon, only after a couple seconds of fighting. Brandon looked unsettled as a result of the exchange and will have to find his footing, if he is to make anything of this fight.

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