James DeGale vs Alpay Kobal

James DeGale fought well to dispatch a very good opponent in Paul Smith. James used all of the skills and experience that he had mustered over his previous fights to rise to the occasion and win the British super middleweight title. Anyway, today he is fighting a relative unknown in Alpay Kobal, we can think of this fight as more of a cooling off.

The new British super middleweight champion James DeGale fights Alpay Kobal after coming off a fantastic victory.

James DeGale starts off this fight in typical quick fashion, as he delivers punches to both the face and body of his opponent. Alpay Kobal on the other hand looks to cover up, and look for openings created by his opponent. This looks like a fairly relaxed fight for James, as he doesn’t look to be under much pressure, but you never known, Alpay could come back strong, and you’ll just have to watch the fight to find out.

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