Is It Time For Fighters To Stop Chasing THe Mayweather Fight???

If you’ve been watching boxing unfold lately you’ll notice the trend amongst the welter weight division, which is currrently the hotest division. Most of the fighters that have any type of decent record seem to be calling Floyd out. But is seems that Floyd has decided to completely ignore them all.

Amongst these fighters are:

Amir Khan, Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter.

Unfortunately Mayweather has announced his septemper 2015 fight, and he has “chosen” Andre Berto, a good fighter, but seemingly an insignificant fight, when it comes to cementing Floyds legacy. So you guys chime in – is it about time people stoped calling out Floyd, because quite frankly he fights who he wants, or should they make their call outs more personal….???

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