Here’s What Shane Mosley Thinks About Mayweather And Canelo

Shane Mosley still going strong. He should be fighting soon. You can always get an honest response from Shane Mosley, he’s a great guy in my opinion.

I’m tempted to say that he should retire, but if he’s still fighting an winning, why not continue.

Shane also gives his opinion on a good fighter Lucas Matthysse. Mannny Pacquiao is also a subject of discussion after his knock-out by Marquez.

Shane feels like Floyd is going to be slightly surprised by Canelo. I think Floyd will be expecting a strong Canelo personally.

Canelo is young and hungry, but he’s had a lot of fights so he has had a lot of experience, I think that this can go two ways. Either Canelo will be burnt out by the time he fights Floyd or he fights the best fight of his life, in second scenario, the fight is anyone’s. My personal pick is Floyd.

What do you think?

Shane is not entirely sure if Floyd Mayweather can beat Canelo, what do you all think?

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