Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Robert Guillen

Guillermo Rigondeaux looked impressive in his first fight, and almost looked like he was going to finish his opponent in the first fight, but Juan Noriega did a good job in holding on to the third round, before being overwhelmed by the attack of Rigondeaux. Anyway, we have another match up, against an opponent that appears to be nothing more than another journeyman in Robert Guillen.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux, steps up against Robert Guillen for his second professional fight.

As soon as the bell rings, this fight as a very balanced start to it, with Guillermo Rigondeaux taking to the centre of the ring, but Robert Guillen the one throwing most of the punches. Guillermo Rigondeaux looks to figure out his opponent and measure his punches, before he starts to deliver those hard shots. With that said, this looks like a very exciting fight that is well worth watching.

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