Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Joseph Agbeko

Guillermo Rigondeaux put up a stellar performance against Nonito Donaire, which by no means was an easy fight. Guillermo Rigondeaux is now a highly decorated bantamweight boxer and so, looks to fight Joseph Agbeko in the first title defence of his new and old belts. This looks like it could be a very tough fight for Guillermo, because Joseph is a very strong and durable individual.

Guillermo Rigondeaux wins the WBO Super Bantamweight belt and fights Joseph Agbeko for his first title defence.

This fight has a very balanced start to it, as both fighters look very sprightly and attack minded. Guillermo Rigondeaux looks to control the centre of the ring, while Joseph Agbeko looks to do the very same thing, by utilising body and head movement to do it. This looks like it will be a long night, for both fighters, so stay tuned.

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