Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero

This fight started out well for Robert Guerrero. It looks like Mayweather was sizing him up somewhat for the first 3 rounds.

It has to be said that Guerrero, was definitely in the fight for the first few rounds.

Mayweather looked relaxed in the 4th round, by now Mayweather is finding a rhythm and we see some more effective punching from both men.

Mayweather secretly working the body of Guerrero, as well as jumping in with punches. To the credit of Robert Guerrero, he is doing his best to keep pressure on Floyd.

In round 5 Floyd gets in a lot of head shots, that appeared to demoralise, Robert the variation in Floyds punches seems to be throwing Robert Guerrero off.

Mayweather vs. Guerrero, take look and see..

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