Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. DeMarcus Corley “Chop Chop, Gets Chopped”

Unfortunately for mr “chop chop” He get’s chopped in this one. It’s funny how nicknames can be your down fall, lol! I’m not saying Marcus gets beat because of his name? But its funny, don’t you think?

Marcus Corley goes down in two of the rounds, but if you watch you could easily have a case for there being more rounds, that he goes down in “unofficially”. One plus “Chop Chop” can take from the fight is that it looks like he did actually shake Floyd a little?

But hey! This is boxing can’t expect Floyd to go untouched in a “boxing” fight can we?

The fight was okay overall watch and tell me what you think?

This is Mayweathers debut at, 140-poundĀ  age 27 debut, he does a great job on “Chop Chop” DeMarcusĀ  Corley, knocking him down twice of…

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