Famous Boxers – A Top Ten List

The most famous boxer in the world doesn’t necessarily have to be the best boxer. But, as boxing fans know the two quite often coincide to some degree.

The truth is no one can say for sure who the best boxer is, this will always be a matter of opinion.

There are a number of general metrics that are often pointed at when choosing the best boxer – the two must common are quality of opponents and the amount of fights that have been fought by a fighter.

Here I will list the most famous boxers from 10 to 1, as I see it, I think this is probably one of the best ways of indirectly determining who ‘our’, best boxers are? In any case let’s begin shall we…

… also before I begin, this list will not be taking into consideration different weight classes, so you can expect to see light weights all the way up to heavy weight.

And remember this is really a famous boxer list even though I will make mention of boxing achievements, which I do think have a part to play in determining a boxers fame status.

10- Willie Pep

willie pep

Willie is best known for his long list of wins, he fought 229 times and only lost 11 of them. He was an impressive feather weight that went 61 fights before actually loosing.

Pep still went on to won 71 fights in a row after loosing his 62nd fight. He was a pioneer in his day and famous for drawing full crowds which was only common at heavyweight and middleweight fights at the time.

Record: won 229 (KO 65) + lost 11 (KO 6) +drawn 1 = 241

9- Marvelous Marvin Hagler

marvin hagler

Hagler was a supreme fight in his day and is well known by boxing fans today because of it.

Marvin has the highest knockout percentage of all time for middle weights at 78%, which is astounding!

He also defended his title 12 times and was champiom between 1980 and 1987, making him the second longest holder of this title – second only to Tony Zale, who was inactive 4 years because of World War II.

Record: won 62 (KO 52) + lost 3 (KO 0) +drawn 2 = 67

8- Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

What can we say about this guy? If you’re a boxing fan you’ll know that Chavez is the mexican standard. But he’s also a great standard for boxing in general.

Chavez is not to be confused with his son, who is also a very good fighter himself. It’s not often that you get to great fighters from the same family.

Chavez was know for having great power punches and for his attack on the body of his opponents. His general ring toughness was also one of his many ring attributes.

Record: won 107 (KO 86) + lost 6 (KO 4) +drawn 2 = 115

7- Sugar Ray Robinson

sugar ray

Robinson’s record speaks for it’s self this man won 3 and even 4 times more fights tham most of the modern boxers have actually had, 173 to be exact.

Many called Robinson the greatest fighter of all time it was his performances in the welterweight and middleweight divisions that created the “pound for pound”, which is a basically a way of comparing boxers equally in their respective weight classes.

Between 1943 and 1951 he fought 91 fights without loosing.

Sadly Sugar Ray died broke after all his efforts as a great boxer, because he spent all the money that he made as a boxer (many may think that it’s own fault, and maybe there’s some truth to that, but it is still sad to see nonetheless).

Record: won 173 (KO 108) + lost 19 (KO 1) +drawn 6 = 200

6- Rocky Marciano


Rocky Marciano is definitely a famous boxer today. If you ask anyone their top 10 list of boxers, the name Rocky Marciano is more than like going to be part of that discussion.

What’s so impressive about him is that he retained his heavy weight title through out his entire career, a total of 4 years from 1952 to 1956.

This achievement and the fact that he was undefeated his whole career has made him famous to lots of boxing fans when they choice their best ever fighters.

What most people never mention is that there is an argument for Marciano, loosing. In 1947 Marciano fought as a pro and won, but in 1948 he fought as an amateur and lost to Coley Williams in the Golden gloves tournament.

Record: won 49 (KO 43) + lost 0 (KO 0) +drawn 0 = 49

5- Roy Jones Jr.

roy jones

Roy Jones is  one of the greatest fighters of our modern era, and still going, although he is a shadow of his former self these days.

Roy had the ability to knock out opponents at the blink of an eye in his prime.

Roy’s fame is a product of his boxing achievements which consists of winning world titles in various weight divisions i.e. the middleweight, super middleweight,light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions.

Roy won the heavy weight WBA title after going up in weight . This had not been done in over 100 years prior.

He was named “Fighter of the Decade” by the Boxing Writers Association of America during the 1990’s.

Record: won 57 (KO 40) + lost 8 (KO 4) +drawn 0 = 65

4 – Nassem Hamed

naseem hamed

Without out a doubt Nassem hamed was one of thee most famous boxers and flamboyant feather weights to grace the boxing scene.

Best known for his no-defence southpaw style, over elaborate ring entrances which included the finale a flip over the top rope into the ring.

Naseem Hamed was a world of entertainment all by himself. I put him at number 10, because although he was definitely a good fighter I don’t know if he can be considered elite. Naz had his toughest fight when he fought the Marco Antonio Barrera.

There was no shame in this loss as it was his only loss and Marco Antonio Barrera went on to fight in higher weight classes, with good success.

Record: won 36 (KO 31) + lost 1 (KO 0) +drawn 0 = 37

3- Mike Tyson

mike tyson

What can be said about this man and the fame he achieved and still has today? The youngest heavyweight in the history of the sport, winning the WBA,IBF and WBC at age 20.

The boxing style Mike Tyson had was loved by all boxing fans, best known for his compact hard hitting knockout mentality. Tyson was one to watch if you wanted to see a knock out, especially in his hayday.

There has been lots of contraversy that has sorrounded Tyson, which has further increased his popularity.

Tysons appeal is his genuine nature openness and willingness to change his life around, as well as the killer instincts he showed in the ring during his prime.

Record: won 50 (KO 44) + lost 6 (KO 5) +drawn 0 = 58

2- Floyd Mayweather jr

floyd mayweather

Undoubtedly the most famous boxer today. He holds the record for the most pay per view buys.  He also reportedly makes no less than 100 million dollars a fight.

Mayweather is know for his all round boxing style, not good at any one thing, but has the ability to adapt his boxing style in the ring to beat his opponents.

Floyd is definitely the epitome of what fame is in the 21st century.

Record: won 45 (KO 26) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 0 = 45

1- Muhammad Ali


What can we say about the fame of this man. To me and many others he is undoubtedly the most famous boxer and the greatest.

Muhammad Ali, was known much more than for his boxing, he is seen as  political activist and a symbol of hope and freedom for many.

Most people associated and unassociated with boxing would have heard the phrase “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”, a famous quote, which made reference to how he was going to beat Sonny Liston, and take the heavyweight championship at age 22 in 1964, which he did.

Ali’s personality and magnetism can’t be denied. So he is my number one pick for the Most famous boxer.

Record: won 56 (KO 37) + lost 5 (KO 1) +drawn 0 = 61

So there we have it my list of the most famous boxers. Leave your comments below.

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