Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne

This was a momentous fight, between two rather untested opponents for the WBA heavyweight title. Many people believed that Deontay Wilder was incapable of winning this fight without scoring the knock down, while others gave both opponents a 50% chance of winning. My initial thought was that Deontay Wilder had all the tools to make this a potentially easy contest.

Deontay Wilder does battle with Bermane Stiverne to become the first American Heavyweight Champion in 9 years.

This fight starts off exactly how I imagined it would, with Deontay Wilder leading behind that jab. He’s looking pretty impressive, as he adopts a more boxing philosophy as opposed to the usual gung-ho style. Bermane Stiverne on the other hand looks to get in close and delivering telling blows to the body and head of Deontay; whether or not he’ll be able to achieve this, will depend a great deal on Deontay Wilder’s movement and ability to stay in the centre of the ring. This is a very exciting fight one that I highly recommend you watch.

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